MGG2 is a full-service healthcare agency focused on delivering marketing strategies and programs that place the stakeholder in the center, no matter who the stakeholder is.

Why Stakeholder-Centric Marketing?

Higher healthcare costs

Patients now pay higher deductibles and co-pays, often having to spend thousands of dollars before getting reimbursed. More and more, they look for services and products that have a high value for that added cost, asking their providers to justify what is prescribed. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are expected to know what drugs cost and why a branded drug is prescribed versus a generic or an OTC medication.

Advances of Information Technology

Technology advances result in patients expecting instant, 24/7 access to health information. Information dedicated to educating patients on price and value is more readily available. In addition, patients have the ability to self track their vital signs and keep electronic records. They take more ownership of what health services they use.

As a result, drug and device marketers are becoming more patient centric, looking to engage patients and maintain interaction with them long term while they are on the drug prescribed or using the device.

Visionary Marketing

The challenge is to change the mental framework of providers and the public to both transition true focuses on the patient. “Disease-centered” medicine’s use of technology is provider-focused, with information still emanating from the provider. “Stakeholder-centric” healthcare creates the information from the stakeholder as source, that be a patient, caretaker, provider or payor. Strides made in just the past couple of years mandate that we switch visionary gears.